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The centre provides a holistic, scientific and a technologically advanced approach for all dermatological and cosmetic conditions. Consultations with our experienced dermatologists ensure that the patients get the best advice, be it for skin diseases or cosmetic interventions. Our specialized services include- Pimples / Acne – Pigmentation Treatment, Cosmetic Peels, Non-surgical removal of warts, Laser treatment, as more.


Our department provides a holistic, scientific and a technologicaly advanced approach for all dermatological and cosmetic conditions. The Metro department of Dermatology is the most well equipped dermatology center in NOIDA and the NCR with state-of-the-art equipment. Consultations with our experienced dermatologists, trained in prestigious medical institutes like MAMC and AIIMS, ensures that the patients get the best advice, be it for skin diseases or cosmetic interventions. Our specialized services include-

Lasers: The CO2 laser is a state-of-the-art machine that has revolutionized the way dermatological conditions are treated. The power of the laser ensures a painless, bloodless and stitch free cure for several skin conditions including skin tags, moles, freckles etc. It has done away with the need for painful surgical procedures and stitches. The post-laser healing time is negligible and the patient can return to work immediately after the procedure.

Radiofrequency Ellman: This technology has been a boon for dermatologists and patients worldwide, and has revolutionized the treatment approach for many skin conditions like Xanthelasmas, warts, corns etc. The procedure is pain free and bloodless with negligible post-procedure healing time.The patient can return to work on the same day.

The Metro Acne Clinic The first of it’s kind in Delhi and the NCR, the Metro acne clinic focuses exclusively on the almost epidemic problem of acne or pimples. Patients are guided on the crucial steps of acne prevention. The utmost stress is given to all aspects of acne control. Patients are taught the all important aspects of basic skin care with emphasis on skin cleansing routines. The causative factors of acne are explained so that each patient can monitor his/her skin for signs of impending acne or flare-ups of existing acne.

Treatment of acne or pimples is multi-dimensional, focusing on-

Preventive therapy

Anti-oxidant therapy

Topical thepary

Oral therapy

Maintainance therapy

Once acne is controlled, emphasis is then given to removal of acne scars and pigmentation. This includes-

Topical therapy

Oral therapy

Antioxidant therapy

Glycolic acid peels

Glycolic Acid Peels Peeling of the skin is a gentle process wherein the term ‘peel’ indicates a microscopic peel. There is NO visible peeling of the skin during or after the procedure.Peels are done by our experienced and trained dermatologists. The focus is on using appropriate peel concentrations and monitoring each peel to suit the individual patient.

Our stress is on-

Proper patient selection

Individualization of each peel to suit each patient

Pre-peel skin preparation

Post-peel guidance


Anti-oxidant supplementation

Maintainance therapy between 2 peels

Patient education

Peels are routinely done for-

Acne scars

Pigmentation due to various causes

To improve skin texture and glow

To reduce fine wrinkles and lines

Photoaged skin

Punch Biopsies

A lot of skin conditions require biopsies for proper diagnosis and treatment. We, at Metro, have done away with the outdated techniques of taking large biopsies with painful stitches. Specially designed Punches are used to take biopsies. The size of the skin sample taken varies from 3 to 4 mm in circumphrence. There is no need for stitches. The procedure is a short 10 minute procedure done on an OPD basis. The patient can return to work immediately with only a small bandage that can be removed in 5-7 days.

Punch Grafting For Leucoderma

Lecoderma or vitiligo is a dreaded but treatable skin disease, especially if the patient does not delay treatment. When the color returns, some patients may be left with some white patches that are not responding to treatment. These patches can be treated by punch grafting, whereby the patients own pigmented skin is grafted onto the white patches with excellent results. It is done as an OPD procedure under local anaesthesia.


This machine has served the dermatology patient very well for many years. Though advanced techniques like the Laser and the Radiofrequency have replaced a lot of it’s indications, it retains it’s importance as a cost-effective treatment option for a variety of skin diseases.

Facilities In Dermatology

CO2 Laser

Radiofrequency Ellman


Glycolic acid peels

Skin punch biopsies

Punch grafting for leucoderma/vitiligo

Facilities for testing for-

Fungal infections of the skin, nails and mucosa

Tests for Herpes simplex and zoster

Testing for Pemphigus and other blistering skin diseases

Testing for Leprosy or Hansen’s disease

Dermatological Procedures

Removal of warts

Removal of Molluscum contagiosum

Removal of Xanthelasma (fat deposits on the eyelids)

Removal of skin tags (Achrochordons)

Removal of freckles and lentigenes

Removal of moles

Removal of benign skin tumors

Glycolic acid peeling

Punch biopsies

Punch grafting for Vitiligo

DCP pulse therapy

Drug provocation tests for allergy to medications

Patch testing for skin allergies

Keloid injections

Podophyllin treatment for Genital warts

Specialized Clinics

Metro Acne (Pimple) Clinic